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    Dipping nail hand cleanser
    The dip powder compatible cleanser for hand and nail disinfection before manicure is designed specif..
    Starter Kit Advanced
    Starter Kit  "Advanced" includes all the basic dip powders:Light White Light PinkFrench Wh..
    182€ 178€
    Starter Kit Standart
    Professional starter kit "Standard" includes all the necessary to work with the system Mart gels and..
    136€ 132€
    Starter Kit Lite
    Starter Kit for French manicure "lite" is composed of six essential liquids and gels Mart, as well a..
    113€ 109€
    Starter Kit Mini
    A Marianna Art Nail system kit for beginners to work with the Mart system is a mini starter kit.&nbs..
    91€ 87€
    Replacement Brush
    If Your brush has become unusable, you can use a spare one. Suitable for all Mart 15 ml gels and liq..
    Dip System Remover
    Mart Dip System Remover is specially designed for complete dissolution of the material. This helps t..
    French Dip Form French Dip Form
    Form for French Mart will make the creation of a French manicure a simple and quick procedure. It is..
    Gel Tape
    Gel Tape is a tape for nail extension without the use of forms and tips. The composition is identica..
    Brush Cleaner 2
    Средство для очистки кистей Brush Cleaner. Эта жидкость- очиститель от геля, а также подготовки новы..