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    Starter Kits

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    Starter Kit Standart
    Professional starter kit "Standard" includes all the necessary to work with the system Mart gels and..
    142€ 131€
    Starter Kit Mini
    A Marianna Art Nail system kit for beginners to work with the Mart system is a mini starter kit.&nbs..
    91€ 86€
    Starter Kit Lite
    Starter Kit for French manicure "lite" is composed of six essential liquids and gels Mart, as well a..
    116€ 108€
    Starter Kit Home Use
    A set of dip powders for home use by Mart includes:Crystal ClearPro BondGel BaseActivatorGel TopBrus..
    67€ 65€
    Starter Kit Advanced
    Starter Kit  "Advanced" includes all the basic dip powders:Light White Light PinkFrench Wh..
    196€ 177€
    Starter Kits

    You can buy a set for nail extension, coating and strengthening Mart in our online store in the section Starter kits Mart.

    Mart Starter Kits are the most convenient selection of necessary gels, liquids and gel powders from Mart for craftsmen who want to start working with our products.

    Novice nail service masters always have a question: what is necessary to start work, what materials to choose in order to get everything you need in the end and fit into the budget.

    In this case, it is best and easiest to buy a set for nail extensions, coatings and strengthening, because it is more profitable to purchase such sets than all separately. For any of our sets, you can choose the option of +7 or +14 Mart colored powders to choose from.

    When purchasing any, even the smallest set, the master receives high-quality, universal materials with which he will be able to answer any requests of his clients, be it coating, modeling, extension, design, repair, strengthening of natural nails, leveling of the nail plate and recovery after illiterate manicure and the use of low-quality materials.

    The composition of the kits is selected so that it would be possible to start working with any of them "from scratch", which is convenient for both novice masters of the nail industry, and for experienced ones who have a large customer base and own many techniques with different materials, and decided to expand their services, try a new and more modern gel powder system Mart.

    A huge plus of Mart starter kits is that there is no need to use a UV lamp. To work, you will only need saws, buffs and cutters if you work with a manicure machine.

    The Mart starter kit is economical, for example, let's take Crystal Clear - jars, when performing this powder coating, are enough for at least 100 customers.