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    Nail Modelling Form
    Nail Modelling Form..

    The master class on manicure with Mart gel powder according to the author's technology of Marina Alexandrova is the best start to work with the system, because after passing it, you get directly from the author:

    -A full-fledged idea of the products and the company Mart;

    -Knowledge of the technique of applying different types of coating with gel powder Mart;

    -The ability to build up nails with Mart gel powder on tips and forms;

    -Certificate of completion of the master class from the technologist Mart;

    -The opportunity to receive personal advice from a technologist in the future;

    -5% discount on the purchase of Mart products on the day of the master class.

    And the most important thing is that after passing a master class on manicure with Mart gel powder from a technologist, you will be immediately ready to work with clients, which cannot be achieved by studying step-by-step instructions and photos at home!

    At the master classes, the trained craftsmen are provided with all the tools necessary for work, Mart materials and models for working out.