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    Introducing Gel Tape Mart.

    • 19 November 2018

    We present you our new product that will help you to forget about nail tips and forms for modeling forever-this is Gel Tape Mart. 

    With Gel Tape for nail modeling Gel Tape Mart you will be able to create long nails gel powder without outdated tips and difficult to use forms.

    Modeling is no longer more difficult than conventional coating! 

    Gel Tape is identical in composition with Gel Base, due to which, it is completely transparent, merges with Gel Base when applied and dissolves with a liquid to remove Dip system Remover. 

    Any variant of modeling, shape and length is possible. You can make the extensions under your natural nails, or complicated modeling. 

    It is possible to cover, without the prior filing of extensions, if the form suits you, but you can first cut architecture of the nail, and then cover.  

    Modeling Mart - without UV lamps, without tips, without.

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