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    Base Powders

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    Natural White
    Hypoallergenic powder Natural White has a translucent milky color. It is intended for different typ..
    Light Pink
    Lightly sheer pink powder This dip powder can be used as a camouflage for the French, including the..
    French White
    Powder for French manicure, French White. Designed for coating without drawing "smile" in the desig..
    Crystal Pink
    Powder with pink undertone from the line of basic dip powders Mart.Completely transparent, but has a..
    Crystal Clear
    The base coat for nails is a transparent dip powder Crystal Clear. This powder is completely transp..
    Classic Pink
    Pink base dip powder for nails Marianna Art. Designed for camouflage in the french design with leng..
    Base Powders

    Mart nail powder is divided into different categories. One of them is Mart base powders for the main layer under the color coating, for the design of the French, for modeling (building) nails, repairing, strengthening, leveling the nail plate.

    Base powders are applied to Gel Base Mart.

    Among them, the masters will find transparent powders, translucent, with pink and white shades, as well as a drip-white, very fine consistency to create an ideal and clear "smile" line when creating a French design.

    Base powders are available in jars with a volume of 56 gr. and, due to the versatility and cost-effectiveness of use, as well as a long shelf life, are a long-term investment for the master.

    Mart nail powder is evenly applied, has the same pigmentation throughout the nail plate, due to which, you can not be afraid to use complex options, such as translucent milky and semi-dense pale pink, also it does not have an unpleasant smell and contraindications in use.

    Mart powders in the process of wearing do not spoil the nail plate, do not fade, do not turn yellow, do not crack and do not chip. When modeling, the powder keeps a given shape.

    Mart powders are removed with Mart remover. Withdrawal methods can be viewed from the Instructions section on the website. You can buy Mart materials in our online store.