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    Returns Policy

    We sure in the quality of our products. Guarantee and refund orders within 30 days of receipt of goods if products are used not more than 20%.

    If you, for any reason, including fault of the service delivery, were the product not of good quality we will pay the costs for the return or exchange of goods. In this case, you will need to send photos by email info@martnails.ruIf you want to return the goods of good quality, you will need to pay the cost of shipping the item back to the store.

    To make a return order, you need to use return formPack goods into the package, leaving voids in which the product was delivered, or other, that will ensure the return of the goods to the store in one piece. Seal the box with tape. The return of the goods by courier which was delivered, or by mutual consent of the shop and the buyer. If the item was purchased the expense, for a refund you must return the goods to the delivery point.

    The refund shall be made within 10 working days of receipt of the goods by the store, but only in case of positive assessment of the goods by the store. Positive evaluation of the goods of the store are achieved if the product has not been used more than 20%.

    Details of refunds are outlined in this text are regulated by law on protection of consumer rights. We wish you good shopping!